• Daily Core 4

    Daily Core 4

    Call for or Email for Customization Options PRODUCT BENEFITS Gentle way to take a first step in your transformation and begin nourishing and detoxifying your body. This pack...
  • Dark Berry Protein

    Dark Berry Protein

    Dark Berry Protein Anti-Aging Collagen Support   Purium’s Dark Berry protein shake makes a delicious and nutritious snack or meal. It provides 12 phytonutrient packed fruits and berries...
  • Purium  *Biome Medic 60 Capsules

    Purium *Biome Medic 60 Capsules

    A must watch:David's video on Biome Medic and Glyphosate Biome Medic*...AND protect your gut from GMOs Biome Medic is an exclusive and proprietary formula of...
    $57 $60
  • Purium Ten-Day Athletes

    Purium 10-Day Athlete's Transformation Cleanse

      Ships same business day if ordered before noon PST! International customers please choose Priority Mail International not the flat rate choice.   Purium 10-Day Athlete's Transformation...
    $249 $269
  • Purium 1500

    Purium 1500

      Try this for RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome)   FUN FACTS   Our pure + premium hemp-derived cannabidiol is...
    $9995 $119
  • Purium Aloe Digest 20 servings

    Purium Aloe Digest 20 servings

    Gastric reflux? Upset stomach? Gas ache? Everyone needs a little extra digestion and immune support. Aloe Vera is truly one of nature’s best aid. Rich with polysaccharides and based in organic...
  • Purium Bee Energetic - 90 ct

    Purium Bee Energetic - 90 ct

    REAL ENERGY DOESN`T COME FROM CAFFEINE AND SUGARCan increase energy, strength, endurance, and vitality*May improve mental clarity and circulation*May help balance the adrenal system*Contains nature`s...
  • Purium Bio Fruit

    Purium Bio Fruit

    Purium’s Bio Fruit contains an impressive variety of nutrient-dense, organic fruits to support total body nutrition. We recommend adding Bio Fruit and any of our green foods to your daily...
  • Purium C From Nature 270ct bottle

    Purium C From Nature 270ct bottle

    Purium’s C From Nature is a natural, powerful combination of Indian Amalaki, Acerola, Camu Camu, Rosehips and citrus bioflavonoids that is unsurpassed by any synthetic or manufactured vitamin C...
    $5795 $5995
  • Purium Can't Beet This

    Purium Can't Beet This

    David's video on Can't Beet This up your performance, naturally ·         Supports proper hydration and...
    $5395 $5495
  • Purium Coco Hydrate

    Purium Coco Hydrate

    A refreshing coconut-based blend that is loaded with electrolytes and antioxidants. With a pineapple twist, this daily drink helps boost hydration levels and support joints during...
  • Purium Core 4 Athletes

    Purium Core 4 Athletes

    Gear up with the perfect essentials for any workout regimen: Core 4 – Athletes. Build lean muscle and definition with pure, vegan protein products MVP Sport and Super Amino 23. Boost your...
  • Purium Enzyme Advantage - 90 ct

    Purium Enzyme Advantage - 90 ct

    Purium’s Enzyme Advantage is a patented, shelf-stable, aspergillus derived formula that helps your body break down and assimilate nutrients in the foods you eat. This also ensures that no food...
    $2999 $3195
  • Purium Epi-Genius Kids

    Purium Epi-Genius Kids

    Your Guide to Epi-Genius Kids: What’s In It? Did you know that our Epi-Genius Kids packs 20 organic superfoods, protein, probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, greens, vitamins and MORE?...
    $7999 $9999
  • Purium Heart Aid 180ct

    Purium Heart Aid 180ct

    Purium’s Heart Aid has been specifically designed to support healthy cardiovascular function. It contains a wide variety of herbs used historically by healers, shamans and naturopaths to reduce the...
    $3695 $3795
  • Purium Ionic Elements

    Purium Ionic Elements

    Purium Ionic ElementsWhat Purium Ionic Elements is:Purium's Ionic Elements is a specially formulated combination of fulvic acid and ocean trace minerals - it is a great source of magnesium and other...
    $2999 $4295
  • Purium Kamut Blend 60 servings 90 gm

    Purium Kamut Blend 60 servings 90 gm

    Purium`s organic Kamut® blend is a juice extract from the leaves of Kamut, a superior non-GMO, non-crossbred, nutrient-dense heirloom-seed Egyptian wheatgrass. We have combined it with oat and...
  • Purium More Greens

    Purium More Greens

    PRODUCT BENEFITS More Greens is a blend of superfoods, probiotics, ginseng and bee pollen. A great all-in-one supplement for anyone who wants to get maximum benefits from one supplement...
  • Purium ProStak Flex Food Container

    Purium ProStak Flex Food Container

    100cc and 150cc, 250cc jar offers ample room for holding flex foods or multiple servings of your favorite shake. BPA and Phthalate-free jars Twist n’ Lock pill tray locks into any jar...
  • Purium Revive-It-ALL

    Purium Revive-It-ALL

    David's video on Revive it All's Revive-It-AllTM contains two very important ingredients that have been proven to help reverse memory loss and increase...
    $4447 $4795
  • Purium Silicone Bag

    Purium Silicone Bag

    Storing your Terra Pouches just got easier. Preserve your freshly opened Terra Pouch of superfoods with our re-usable, silicone pouch. Lower your carbon foot-print and join our commitment to going...
  • Purium Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle

    Purium Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle

    Commit to sustainability and lower your carbon footprint with our sleek, stainless steel Shaker Bottle. Shake up your favorite Purium superfoods on the go, without the plastic! Holds about 25oz of...
    $1499 $2299
  • Purium Super Amino 23 - Less than on Amazon

    Purium Super Amino 23 - Less than on Amazon

    Ships same business day if ordered before noon!60 Day Money Back GuaranteeDavid's Video on Super Amino 23 AMINO 23Super Amino 23 is pre-digested 100% vegetarian...
  • Purium Super CleansR

    Purium Super CleansR

    Super Cleans-R Now 80ct A GENTLE, DEEP, EFFECTIVE CLEANSR *      ·     Increases peristaltic action ·        ...
  • Purium Super Lytes

    Purium Super Lytes

    QUICKLY REPLENISH, RENEW, REHYDRATE Contains Rooibos tea extract for rapid rehydration Contains quality sodium from Himalayan sea salt Balanced with added magnesium and...
  • Purium Super Xanthin

    Purium Super Xanthin

    BYE-BYE, LACTIC ACID. HELLO, BETTER BODY!May protect muscle tissue from damageMay provide some protection for the skin from UVA and UVB damageMay reduce lactic acid build-up and improve recovery...