At Wellness Partners, our motto is Treating People, Not Just Symptoms, and this goes for pets too. Pets are part of the family and deserve just as much attention to their nutritional and medical needs as human beings.

Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to tell if a pet is suffering or feeling ill, because they are frequently good at hiding it. Most animals have an instinct to avoid showing signs of weakness or illness. Usually by the time an animal shows signs of discomfort, the condition has been progressing for a while. Thankfully some pets are more communicative than others, but a close eye should be kept on all pets at all times to watch out for any health issues.

One of the most common ailments to affect pets is a UTI or urinary tract infection. Bacteria can enter the urethra and cause this condition, which is not only painful but also dangerous. If the infection is not treated, it can progress to the bladder and kidneys and lead to immense pain and even death. Treating the infection presents its own set of challenges, as it can be difficult to impossible to get a pill into an animal, and the antibiotics themselves can cause stomach upset and diarrhea. The best way to address a UTI in a pet is to take preventive measures and avoid it in the first place.

UTI Pets Pure D-Mannose Powder is a simple sugar derived from non-GMO corn. It can be added to a pet's food or water as a supplement to help prevent bacteria from being able to lodge in the urethra. The unique molecular structure of D-Mannose causes the bacteria to be attracted to it, where they stick to the powder and are flushed harmlessly out of the body during normal urination.

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  • UTIPets Pure D-Mannose Powder

    UTIPets Pure D-Mannose Powder

    UTI Pets Pure D-Mannose Powder UTI Pets Pure D-Mannose Powder is: Sourced in Ireland, NON GMO ORGANIC Corn Contains NO toxic chemicals, 100% Pure D Mannose Vegan Product Kosher Especially aimed for pets that tend to suffer with bladder issues. Urinary...
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What pet parents are saying about us...

Koda & Kai

My pet was getting UTIs almost every 1-3 months. My vet recommended getting some D-mannose. Since then, both of my dogs have been on D-mannose for urinary health and it has been working great! My dog hasn't had a bladder infection for a while now. So we will continue to get it.

I chose Wellness partners because a Vet Tech at the vet we use to go to swore by it. Wellness Partners brand is great and reliable and they ship the order out the same day or next day. When living in Alaska, I would get my order in 3 to 4 days! Also, one of the times I put in the wrong address and the customer service called me the same day and got the D-mannose out on the same day. So overall, this is a great company, with a wonderful product that works, and the customer service is amazing.

Koda & Kai Owner Erin

I’ve been using UTI Pets for my Samoyed, Lacey, for the past five years. My Vet first prescribed it to address crystals in Lacey’s urine and to prevent further urinary tract infections. The product works, no more UTI’s! Wellness Partners’ Customer Service is great. They always process my order in a very timely manner and within a few days the product arrives at my home.

Lacey Owner Rosalia

One of our dogs started having chronic uti’s a few years ago. After a lot of money spent at the vet on numerous visits, medicines and tests we found out about d-mannose powder. We have used it faithfully for the past 3+ years now and are happy to report that our girl has only had one uti since! We would definitely and highly recommend this product!

Layla Owner Jill

I have a 9 year old Golden Retriever who has had problems with UTIs since the age of 9 weeks. She was put on a chew that contained d mannose at the age of 2 which cured her bladder infection issues. Unfortunately the chew became very expensive and difficult to find. I saw your product and thought I would try it. It’s been great- no issues with infections, affordable, and available. Thanks for a great product!!!

Lucy Owner Tammy

Just sending a wonderful review of your service for mailing Wellness Partners UTI Pets Pure D-Mannose Non GMO Organic. It came quickly in a fun paw print bag. Very happy with your service. Keep up the good work you do. I appreciate what you do and grateful for this product. Much thanks!!

Emmie Owner Beth

This is a magic powder! My cat is 15 years old and very ill. She had an e-coli infection and antibiotics worked some but not totally. After a couple of days of mixing in the UtiPet D-Mannose in her food and water bowl, my cat is walking again and not screaming with pain when she has to move to the litter box.

Poopie Owner Elise
Stella / Caitlin F

Stella has been UTI FREE since using this product for 2 years!! Thank you so much for creating this product! Love the new packaging!

Stella Owner Caitlin F
Mary the cat

This is my beautiful, spoiled rag doll Mary. I have taken Mary twice to the vet for UTI issues and they did absolutely nothing but charge me for nothing. A friend told me about D Mannose, and after trying a couple of other products I found Wellness Partners. It is the best one and it works! Mary doesn't mind taking it and after a few days, it got rid of the blood in her urine. She was peeing outside her box as well and that also stopped. Because of UTI Pets there is a happy kitty and a happy human too. I will continue using it for her. It's great and I highly recommend it.

Mary the Cat Owner Susan
Pippa the dog

Our dog Pippa had several UTI infections and we did not want her on constant antibiotics. Since I was already on your D-Mannose for maintenance of my past UTI problems, I decided to try it on Pippa. We have both successfully been UTI free since we started and honestly never miss a day of taking our dose. It really has been a miracle for both of us.

I have been ordering your D-Mannose for a long time. I decided to visit your webpage as I wanted to leave a glowing review. Here is her picture and a big thank you to you for making this product. It truly has been the perfect medicine for both of us!

Pippa Owner Brannan