98 Alive Immune Support 60 capsules

  • 98 Alive Immune Support 60 capsules
  • 98 Alive Immune Support 60 capsules
  • 98 Alive Immune Support 60 capsules
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A Message from Professor Max Reynolds RE:

West Nile Fever/Virus

We are pleased to announce the results of our most recent research data in the matter of West Nile Fever, a disease that is carried by mosquitoes and is found throughout the USA, South America, Asia, Australia, and Europe. The resultant fever causes headache muscle soreness, general aches and pains and in the worse cases, results in death. The development of West Nile encephalitis and a form of polio is also known, which can lead to fatal outcomes. Work has been going on for the last 12 months on the effect M.A.C/98alive has against this previously non curable disease.

M.A.C/98Alive has shown it blocks the passage of the virus in its development, prevents it from entering host cells and multiplying.

This result means for the first time in medical history there is a potential option that may help West Nile Virus.

The report in the prestigious Journal of Virology was published in April this year on a global basis, and it is our aim to get the product registered for the first cure for West Nile Fever known to mankind.

The world's first, only genuine consumable Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) medicine, that may help with antibiotic resistant infections.

A breakthrough in modern medicine and science

98alive is a unique natural remedy made from Melaleuca alternifolia leaf.

98alive is incredibly rich in antioxidants and has been scientifically proven to:


  • Fight Influenza
  • Support the Immune System
  • Reduce Joint pain
  • Helps Reduce Herpes virus/outbreaks
  • Helps Reduce Shingles Virus & Symptoms

Why is the Immune System so important?

The Immune System is our body's system that keeps us safe from infection and diseases. It helps keep ourselves healthy. Our Immune system plays a crucial role in maintaining proper health. People who have a weak Immune System may catch diseases more easily.

Researchers are continuing to discover ways the Immune System is important to our health. A growing number of researchers now believe a persons own Immune System could hold the key to fighting even humanity's deadliest diseases.

A person's own immune system could hold the key to fighting cancer.

Immunotherapy research has gathered momentum in recent years and now Queensland scientists have shone a light on how it could improve and prolong the lives of people with breast, lung, prostate and melanoma cancers.

Researchers at the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute in Brisbane announced on Thursday it had made a breakthrough in the future treatment of cancer.

The research - which took four years to complete - was published in the Cancer Discovery journal this month.

Lead scientist Professor Mark Smyth and his team developed an antibody that slowed the growth of and spread of cancer cells. The antibody was tested on mice and showed it activated the rodent's immune - or white blood - cells to enable them to attack the diseased cells.

Usually the cancer is able to camouflage itself, so the immune cells do not know to destroy them.

Prof Smyth said human testing was another five years away, but the results showed the human body could be used to fight cancer. Immunotherapy is already being used to treat about 15 different types of cancers.

Prof Smyth said there were already about 20 research studies worldwide that were at the patient testing stage or that would start in the next one or two years.

The QIMR Berghofer researchers will now shift their focus to developing a human antibody that would most probably be administered intravenously.

Prof Smyth said immunotherapy was less harmful than existing forms of treatment such as chemotherapy and radiation.

Development Process

98alive is completely developed in Australia.

It is developed by firstly harvesting the aerial leaves of the tea tree plant from plantations in Australia. These aerial leaves are steam distilled to produce the raw material of 98alive Melaleuca oil.

The Melaleuca oil is then further processed resulting in most of the toxic components being removed. Furthermore the concentration of the bioactive components such as terpinene-4-ol are significantly increased.

The end product is 98alive, a natural remedy that is safe for ingestion. The product's bioactivity is significantly increased in comparison to raw Melaleuca oil.



Professor Max Reynolds was one of the five international Keynote speaker at the 3rd International Conference on Clinical Microbiology & Microbial Genomics in Valencia Spain on Sept 24-26. There were nearly 80 other presenters at the conference.

98alive is the ONLY Malaleuca alternifolia remedy that has been scientifically researched, tested with new products being developed and is only available through the Victory Group.

Only 98alive is developed with a unique and worldwide patented formula.


98alive is a breakthrough, patented, natural medicine made from pure Melaleuca alternifolia leaf concentrate that is scientifically proven to manage the symptoms of illnesses including influenza.

Made in Australia to ensure the highest possible quality, 98alive contains a unique combination of 98 natural active compounds that work in unison to provide a wide range of health benefits never before achieved by one single product.

It has been developed by leading Australian scientist and microbiologist Professor Max Reynoldsand is a listed Melaleuca alternifolia leaf essential oil on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods.

The result of extensive research and clinical trials, 98alive has properties that can support the immune system to significantly improve health and general wellbeing.



1. In what form is 98alive available?
98alive can be delivered in multiple forms. The predominant forms are:

  • Capsules from 150mg: 98Alive Immune Support. 
  • Pain Relief Oil for physical pain relief from soft tissue injury, bruises and muscular trauma.

2. What do I use 98alive for?

98alive has many applications and trials are on-going to extend its medical use even further. Currently 98alive is proven to support the immune system, fight the symptoms of influenza and relieve joint pain.

3. Who can use 98alive?

98alive has been used by people of all ages to great success. 98alive is not to be used in children under two years of age without medical advice. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner.


Discover what many are calling The Natural Health & Wellness Breakthrough 98alive. *Globally patented -- Scientifically proven 98alive is based on our unique, patented method of distilling Melaleuca Alternifolia leaf oil. 98alive contains no added colourings, flavourings, or preservatives. Our process results in a natural product of 98 active compounds that act in unison with one another to offer an array of benefits...never before encountered in a single product. 98alive Immune Support: One of the most powerful antioxidants available 5 times greater antioxidant activity than krill oil and 14 times greater than fish oil (Brunswick Laboratories USA). Laboratory proven to strengthen the immune system (Laboratory tests conducted by Griffith University Medical Centre, Australia). Available in 150 mg capsules/Box of 60. * Not to be used in children under two years of age. If symptoms persist, consult your health care practitioner. Discover why you should consider making 98alive part of your health & wellness program 98alive's ninety-eight natural compounds are active and may act individually, or in combination with other linked compounds to strengthen & stimulate the immune system; 98aliveincreases CD4 Helper cells and CD8 Killer cells up to five times contributing to improved health & general well-being.98alive is very rich in antioxidants ... scoring one of the highest ORAC scores (globally standardized antioxidant measurement for determining a products antioxidant level)
*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary
*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Ingestible (Teatree) Melaleuca Supplement

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  • 5

    Posted by Kristie Ellison on 29th Mar 2023

    I've known and used this product since early 2015. It's one of the very best immunity products I've used and found, besides all the other many benefits it has. I recommend it to all young and old.

  • 5
    Saved from lyme

    Posted by Paige on 6th Jul 2019

    I've had Lyme disease for 6 years now. I have tried multiple treatments and supplements. This is the first and only product that has actually helped me. My fatigue, brain fog, seizures, nerve issues ect...getting better every day. I take 2 twice a day. I have been on it for 5 months now and I will keep taking it!

  • 5

    Posted by Kathy Blodgett on 27th Mar 2018

    I originally contacted Wellness Partners when my husband was fighting a Staph and MRSA infection in his nasal passages; the staff was wonderful with knowledgeable answers to all my questions. The 98 alive and Allimax seemed to help cure the infection. I had shingles years ago so we both have been taking these products daily. Also, I recommended them to a friend who has valley fever.

  • 5

    Posted by Tony on 30th Nov 2017

    I have experienced the power of 98 Alive in my own health improvement in a major way. In November 2016 I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. I attended various specialists who explained their particular suggested treatment. The first was to have an operation to remove the cancer; however, I asked what side effects I would suffer. When told of the side effects, I did not consider the major side effects were for me. The second specialist recommended I have radiation therapy and the side effects as explained would have a major negative result on my life regime. After investigating the 98 Alive products, I initially decided to take the capsules and then progressed on to the syrup, all the while continuing with PSA testing to monitor the situation at the end of each three month period. The first test reported a significant improvement and my latest test showed a normal reading. From the age of 24 I suffered from severe pain in my lower back. Over the ensuing years I have attended various medical and natural therapy practices and have been not able to alleviate the severe pain. After taking the 98Alive product I no longer suffer pain either in my lower back or legs, it is such a relief to be pain free. *Disclaimer: All testimonials are opinions of individual customers. Individual results may vary.

  • 5
    98 Alive is fantastic! I am feeling so well

    Posted by John on 22nd Dec 2016

    I didn't expect that it would kill off herpes - but that's what it seems to have done for me. I've had this awful problem since I was in my early 20's (I'm now72). As I have got older the number of out breaks have increased, and in the end I pretty much was going from one outbreak to another.. But since I've been receiving it on autoship and taking 2 a day (I was only taking 1 a day before when i was paying the retail price) I have stopped getting outbreaks. Amazing! Also, I have completely stopped coughing up phlegm, and don't feel on the edge of a chest infection all the time. So I am very happy. Thank you *Disclaimer: All testimonials are opinions of individual customers. Individual results may vary.

  • 5
    Amazing Simply Amazing!

    Posted by Marge on 4th Jan 2016

    This stuff has also helped my Dyshidrotic eczema Also called: Dyshidrosis and pompholyx It is the only stuff that has helped besides the prescription of Steroid cream (poison) from the Doctor. It also helps with my Fibromyalgia pain as long as I take one twice a day. *Disclaimer: All testimonials are opinions of individual customers. Individual results may vary.

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