Purium Athletes Pack Vanilla

  • Purium Athletes Pack Vanilla
  • Purium Athletes Pack Vanilla
  • Purium Athletes Pack Vanilla
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A superfood power pack for workout support.


Power up your performance, naturally

·         Provides natural, stable energy

·         May build lean muscle and burn fat

·         May reduce soreness and damage


Take your fitness to the next level with this power pack that targets every phase of workout performance. From the low sugar beetroot pre-workout drink Can’t BEET This! to the high protein post-workout MVP Sport protein shakes, this plant-based plan will provide stable energy and build lean muscle. Also includes Super Amino 23 and Super Xanthin for extra pre-workout support.


Athlete's Pack (CORE 4) includes:

  • Can't Beet This!
  • Super Aminos
  • Super Xanthin
  • MVP Sport




Can’t Beet This!

-          Beetroot Powder & Pomegranate for increasing nitric oxide and muscle mass, and delivering oxygen as well as nutrients to the muscles for maximum pump (vascular integrity and health)

-          Yerba Mate Leaf, Maca & Organic Coffeeberry® Whole Coffee Fruit Extract

for natural, sustained energy

-          Coconut Water for hydration and healthy blood sugar support

-          Rhodiola Rosea, Panax Ginseng,  Eleuthero Root & Cordyceps Mushrooms

for endurance

-          Moringa Leaf for improved sensory perception and oxygen delivery to muscles

Super Amino 23

-          Pure pre-digested vegan protein - No stomach upset, no calories, and no waste, zero impact on kidneys

-          Patented and clinically-proven - More than 99% net nitrogen utilization in 23 minutes or less [US Patent No. 5,132,113]

Super Xanthin

-          Vegan Astaxanthin helps reduce lactic acid and protects muscle tissue from damage DURING exercise.

-          It also helps you re-burn sugar fuel for endurance. Forces your body to burn fat as energy during strenuous exercise.



MVP Sport Vanilla

-          32 grams of Pea Protein, Pumpkin Protein, Brown Rice Protein and Moringa for muscle recovery

-          Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics for easy digestion and assimilation

-          Turmeric, Maca, Eleuthero Root and Chaga Mushrooms for recovery and healthy joint support

     -          Acerola for vitamin C

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary
*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Athlete Pack Vanilla

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    Great Products, I love it

    Posted by Mike on 2nd Aug 2017

    I've been taking the Super Amino 23 for over a year now. I take 4 Amino's a day unless if I have a race coming up than I will take more 2 to 3 days prior to the event. I can workout harder and longer just because of the Super Amino's 23. I was so excited to use the MVP Sport Athlete's Pack. When I train I usually will eat one or two energy gels to keep me going but with the new Can't Beet This drink I do not need the Gel's anymore. The Can't Beet this is a naturally occurring energy drink without the fast energy crash. This drink will last for at least two to three hours of constant cycling. When I run it seems to last me about 1.30 hour max if I'm doing a distance run. When I get home I drink the MVP Protein shake to help my muscles recover faster. The protein shake isn't my favorite (taste and consistency) but you have to remember it's all Organic and is truly good for you. All the other Protein shakes are full of sugar and other things to make it taste so good. I would rather drink something that is Organic and natural. I forgot to mention the Can't Beet This has a great flavor and is easy to drink. This package is worth the money.

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